Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tool heat material such as plastic, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass?

No it will not. The tool uses magnetic fields and reacts with metal only especially Ferrous metals (containing Iron). It is not as effective on Brass, Aluminum, and Copper.

How does the Tool replace the torch?

The torch is commonly used when you cannot loosen the seized nut or bolt. Using an OPEN FLAME is dangerous as it can ignite flammable material (i.e gas)

How does the Bolt Buster Tool Work?

 When Metal is heated it expands. The Differential Thermal Expansion helps metal grow away from the stud which in turn you can loosen the metal fastener

Do you need to heat the metal cherry red hot (>1,000 degrees F)?

Heat the part until you see a dull red. If you heat the metal when it is bright orange red, it is too hot.

Do you need to have the work coil touch the part to be heated?

The highest amount of induction energy is located in between the work coil (1/8″ gap). The closer the work coil is to the nut or part to be heated the faster it will heat. We recommend a LOOSE slip fit over the nut or bolt head

How do you form your own custom work coil using the 23″ stiff flex form coil ?

To make a custom work coil, clamp a deep well socket with a vise. Wind the copper wire around it with a minimum of 2.5 – 3 turns to the desired diameter. Bend as needed to get into hard to reach spots.

What do you use the Litz Wire rope for?

It can be wrapped and winded to asymmetrical parts such as Tie Rods, O2 Sensors, Bearings, Transmission gears, etc… We also make a 96″ longer Litz Wire rope for bigger bearings and gears (Optional Accessory)

How do you extend the life of the Litz Wire Rope ?

Litz Wire is made of insulated braided Copper wire. It offers more power transfer than solid copper wire. There is a mylar insulation which will melt at 500F. Do not exceed 400F which is plenty heat for the application.

What do you use the 600 Watt Mag-Guide Flat Iron Heater attachment for?

This attachment concentrates and guides the induction. Useful for parts that are in line or bolts and nuts where you cannot get the work coil in-between. This is an optional accessory

What do you use the Thermal Pad for?

The Thermal Pad is used in auto body repair. It can be used for side molding, vinyl decals, some quarter glass removal. It applies precise and fast heating which melts the adhesive without burning the paint. This is an optional accessory

Is there a Thermal switch on the Tool?

Yes, If the tool suddenly stops working, you might have overheated and the thermal switch turned off the unit. Wait 4-6 mins and the thermal switch will reset. If it still does not turn on, review the warranty support section and contact us at 630-628-8083

Can I use the Tool for Hail dent removal?

Yes you can. Using standard 1/2″ id work coil. Wave around hail dent. Do not overheat or else you will damage and burn the paint. Practice the technique on a sample metal panel first.

Is the Bolt Buster Tool made in America?

Yes the Tool is made and manufactured in America. The Tool comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Can I use the tool with Extension Cords or non heavy duty extension cords?

Use only heavy duty extension cords with the following rating. (25 foot length – 14 AWG, 50 Foot length – 12 AWG) with three prong grounded plug. Using thin and frayed extension cords will limit the amount of power and performance.

How long do the coils last?

The coils last on average about 100 hours. There is a protective fiberglass sleeve which is rated at 1000 farenheit. If you heat the bolt cherry red hot >1000F, the fiber glass sleeve will burn more quickly.

Is the Aluminum Oxide Grease needed to be maintained/added on top of the heat dissipating aluminum dies?

We used Penetrox A Electrical Joint p8A from Burndy to prevent oxidation of the aluminum heat sink. If the tools is used a lot, we recommend to replenish as needed (once/year). This prevents oxidation which can cause intermittent electrical connection between the work coil and the tool.