BOLT BUSTER Releases BB2 240V CE Approved Torchless Heat Induction Tool in European Markets


Bolt Buster ™ announces the release of the BB2 240 Volt CE approved Torchless Heat Induction Tool. This innovate portable handheld heat induction tool can heat up anything metallic twice as fast as a torch without a flame. Uses includes, automotive repair, Farm Equipment maintenance, Marine ship Maintenance, Production, Lawn and tractor Repair, anything that requires safe and fast heat of metal.

What makes BB2 240 CE so unique is that it uses a proprietary circuitry that rivals competing units. The BB2 technology produces TRUE 1100+ watts of induction power which is over 90% efficient unlike other induction heaters that utilize older non efficient technology – it requires twice the amount of power to generate the same amount of induction 50% efficient.

The product also comes with a 1 year Full parts and labor warranty.

This BB2 240 CE will be sold across all the European communities that use 230 Volt 50/60Hz, Countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Ireland, Germany, and France among many others including  Southeast Asia.

All European Sales will be handled directly by our office in the UK.


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Debbie Liguori- Press Release U.S.A.

Charlie Han –Sales and Support U.S.A.
Tel# 630-628-8083
Fax# 630 628-6543

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